costi telefoniaHave your say on fixed and mobile termination rates. The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the Evaluation of the Termination Rates Recommendation (TRR) of 2009, as part of the European Commission's Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy. The regulation of fixed and mobile termination rates plays an important role in delivering competitive telecommunication services to European consumers. Termination rates are the rates that telecoms operators charge each other to deliver calls between networks.

When a person calls to a phone number who is using a different network his operator needs to pay for the connection to the operator whose network he is using. These costs are ultimately included in call prices for consumers and business. The objective of the TRR is to increase consistency across EU countries in the way national regulatory authorities set termination rates through the use of a specific costing methodology. The aim is to bring termination rates across the EU to the cost-efficient level and reduce discrepancies between fixed and mobile termination charges. The TRR thus contributes to the promotion of efficiency and sustainable competition, and to maximising consumer benefits, in accordance with the provisions of the EU legislative framework for electronic communications.

National regulators, public authorities, telecommunications operators, consultancies, civil society organisations, academics and all interested citizens are invited to answer the questions divided into two parts.The public consultation will first seek to evaluate the impact of the TRR on the termination markets and on the EU internal market. Second, it seeks views on whether the regulatory approach towards termination rates should be maintained and/or amended.

The results of this public consultation will provide guidance to the Commission in the revision process of the 2009 Recommendation on Termination Rates.

Respond to the consultation (questionnaire available in English, French and German) by 7 June 2016.