parlamentoeuropeoEvery year the European Parliament celebrates International Women's Day with an event that brings together European and national MPs from parliamentary committees for equal opportunities. In 2013 the event will focus on the theme "Women's response to the crisis".
During the event three discussion panels are foreseen, focusing on the following topics:
- Financial and economic crisis and its effects on women: "wise women" - best practices from women-professionals
- Overcoming the crisis - Experiences and best practices from  National Parliaments
- How can the EU support Member States in strengthening women's social and economic rights during the crisis?
Members of the European and National Parliaments will have the opportunity to share their views about the effects of the crisis on gender equality and the situation of women. Another objective is to share best practices and experiences from successful women professionals on how women can face the challenges during the crisis and also how to see the opportunities in these challenges.
The meeting is open to the public please click the below links for the programme and the registration information.
Date: Thursday, 7 March, 9.00-12.30. Venue: Room József Antall 2Q2, European