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Consumers’ Forum is an Italian independent association founded in 1999. The most important Italian consumers’ associations, some research societies, many industrial and services enterprises among the most important in Italy, their national representatives and other Italian Institutions take part in it.
Consumers’ Forum is indeed a strategic and permanent board in which, from 1999, the two main actors, the representatives of consumers’ associations on the one hand and those of industrial and services enterprises on the other, dialogue together to build a significant co-evolution of consumerist policies.
The convergence between these two different realities, consumers’ associations and industrial and services enterprises, has been realized thanks to the evolution and growth of both. These subjects are equally engaged to achieve products and services quality and to sustain alternative dispute resolutions.
Consumers’ Forum works at creating round tables, at fostering research and training activities in order to develop, promote and disseminate the culture of responsible consumption, even thanks to the important technical-scientific know how of universities and research institutes.

The final aim is to promote together an evolution of consumerist policies, to improve the quality of citizens life.



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